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ExportMax - For Export Documentation

This is an application for generation of all the documents required for the export of Builder Hardwares / Artwares etc. in a very simple way. The software do all the calculations of amount and weights and calculates the sum of individual materials, summary and other specifications and then prepare the Invoice and Packing List in the format given by The Custom Department Government of India. All the documents can be saved and modified as per the requirements. Other reports in this package include - Proforma Invoice, Covering Letter to Consignee, Bank Letter, Bill of Exchange and Insurance Declarations. and much more....

The software is operational from 2003 at Aristo, Kedkam International, Liberty Electrical, Aligarh etc.

AutoMax - For Aotomobile Workshop

This is an application for the operation of automobile workshop. It includes the preparation of Job Card and generation of bill thereof. The Item List (or Price List) can be updated very easily from the company provided list. The inventory is managed in a very efficient manner. Apart from this, there is facility of bill generation for general GST Bill for Retail Sale and Dealer Sale separately.

The software is operational from 2005 at Maindola Yamaha and Maindola Enfield, Aligarh.

HMSMax - For Hotel / Restaurant Complete Management

This is a complete application for Hotel/Restaurant management. All phases of restaurant are covered as KOT, Bill (for Tables / Rooms / Party Halls etc.), Inventory etc. The software can be customised for Menu/Rate List, Recipe, Rooms entry, Staff etc. The daily/cosoldated reports as Sales Report, Stock, Service Chrages, Unpaid bill for guests, Sale Account etc. Different login are made for admin(owner) and F.& B. Manger with different security levels. and much more....

PathoMax - For Pathological Reports Management

This software is a very useful tool for Pathology Labs. It includes the report generations for all type of pathological investigations in a very simple manner. Proforma included are for Haematological Investigations, Biochemical Investigations, Urine / Stool Report, Semen Routine Analysis, Serological and Immunological Investigations, Widal Test, Culture Report. All these reports can be printed on simple plane paper (Different proformas to be printed can be avoided). Reports are printed only for the tests selected for a particular investigation type, thus saving time for printing (and obviously saves the money also). Old reports can be viewed any time. and much more....

The software was developed in 2004 run at different Labs. It is continuing presently at Rainbow Hospital, Vishnupuri, Aliagrh

BizzSharp - Business CRM Solution

This is a cloud based erp made for small to large trading businesses. It includes invoicing (GST/Non-GST), order management, inventory, and custom price list management. #Single click E-Way bill generation, #GST number checking, #Envolep Printing... As this is a cloud based software, it can be accessed and operated from many locations at a single time on desktops / laptops / mobile phones / tablets. & much more...